Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Birthday Blessings

As promised, here are my February birthday blessings.  I have a lot birthdays to celebrate this month, so I am doing them in more than one post, bear with me ;)    

Sarah is most definitely one of the sweetest girls I know!  It is a shame we didn't become friends sooner, but I am so glad we are now.  Our friendship grew when we went on a mission trip to Nicaragua together during medical school, then it continued to grow in San Diego, where we went for a medical convention to go on vacation with lots of shopping and running.  On our runs through the amazing city, we found out that we had quite a bit in common and quickly became great friends!  Over the years we have continued to run together when we can and enjoy a few lots of vacations together along the way!  We most certainly did not end up in the AOA magazine once twice, the last time being on the front cover in cat outfits running a 5K in Vegas.  We also did not go to NYC in the smack dab middle of winter without snow boots and have to search high and low for a pair.  Oh the memories and so many more to come!  I love you Sarah!  I think you are amazingly incredible, will be the best OB doc in town, and feel so lucky to be able to call you my friend and have you in my life.  Hope your birthday was fabulous!  XOXO   

And then there is my friend Chelsea.  She married one of my friends from high school.  We met during my first year of medical school and have been great friends ever since.  She is one of the only girls I have ever met that I had an instant friendship connection with.  The first time we met, we just "clicked." She is so easy to get along with, and we get along so well.  Even though months may go by where we never see each other, as soon as we meet again it is as though we pick up right where we left off.  She is an incredible person that shares the same crazy love for dogs as I do.  And now that she is a mommy she has developed this indescribable love for her child that makes one realize she was meant to be a mom.  From a pediatrician standpoint, she is the kind of mom that makes me love my job and wish all my patients moms were just like her.  Happy birthday Chels!  I hope it was a day you will always remember!  Time for another baby ;)  You can follow her blog here

Robin Dyer is an angel sent from God to live on this Earth and make it a better place.  I love her to pieces and honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life.  She helped me go through an incredibly tough, difficult, and emotionally draining time in my life.  She has been there for me through thick and thin, seen me at my lowest of low, and played the trumpet at my highest of high.  She is one of the most humble and selfless people I know and would give the world to those in need if she could.  I could write a book on how much she means to me, but I will spare you all.  I hope you have the best birthday in the whole entire world!  So very blessed to call you my friend!  

And then there is my brother Mud.  He toots his own horn, or rather marches to the beat of his own drummer.  In other words, he is the female version of me, kinda.  10 years ago you could never in a million years get me to admit that we share a lot in common.  I once thought he was quite annoying and always picking on people, uh umm...sound familiar?  He loves to irritate the crap out of his other siblings, ring a bell...NICOLE!?!?  What I once thought was so annoying and irritating, I now love about my brother.  When he comes home from college, the house gets noisy and is always full of something interesting going on.  You can bet your life that he is either irritating my sisters cat and trying his lactic acid buildup experiments on the poor thing or he is irritating my sister herself.  Either one cracks me up, no offense Shannon.  Mud and I  also share this ginormous love for dogs that I think only we understand.  So thus far, I have realized this about myself: I am irritating and a dog lover....

On the other hand, even though he may not apply himself like he should, my brother is the smartest out of all of us.  He is also extremely hard working and dedicated at the things he is passionate about.  His love and passion for running is the most love and passion for something that I have ever witnessed by anyone.  And I must say he is pretty freaking incredible at it too!  Although I wouldn't tell him this, he has grown into a pretty amazing young adult.  I am proud to be his sister and I wouldn't change a thing about him!  Why?  Because I am said to be just like him Cause I like him just the way he is!  For those interested you can follow his blog at  Happy Birthday Mud!  I hope you have an awesome day!

Happy birthday month my dear friends.  I love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Oh Nicole! You are SO sweet! Thank you for the Birthday acknowledgement! I could have done without the BIG mama pictures! haha! (Remind me to send you some pics of us from when I am normal sized!) But you are so sweet to remember me. Love you!